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We host a selection of curated projects on the website. Most of them are linked to publications. To show your project in this list, please contact us

Viscum Album Projects

European mistletoe (Viscum album) is a hemiparasitic flowering plant that is known for its very special life cycle and extraordinary biochemical properties. Particularly, V. album has an unusual mode of cellular respiration that takes place in the absence of mitochondrial complex I.

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Arabdiopsis Projects

Arabidopsis thaliana is an annual (rarely biennial) plant, usually growing to 20–25 cm tall. The leaves form a rosette at the base of the plant, with a few leaves also on the flowering stem.
A. thaliana can complete its entire lifecycle in six weeks. The central stem that produces flowers grows after about 3 weeks, and the flowers naturally self-pollinate. In the lab, A. thaliana may be grown in Petri plates, pots, or hydroponics, under fluorescent lights or in a greenhouse.

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