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Welcome to ComplexomeMap

ComplexomeMap is a tool for searching and filtering complexome heatmap data. Therefore you can upload a normalized information spreadsheet.

Why ComplexomeMap?

  • Available on all operating systems
  • Very easy to use, no installation required
  • Filters show different sets of data
  • Interactive search for title, id or accession number

Explore Curated Maps

All of the these titles serve as supplemental material in corresponding publications. Browse Projects

Create your own Project

If you want to start your own ComplexomeMap project, please feel free to contact Michael Senkler for advice / help concerning all ComplexomeMap related questions.

Looking for GelMap?

Dive into gel images and visually explore proteomic datasets: Our free tool for interactive protein data maps with gel images can be found at GelMap.de.
It allows the combination of 2D-map information and mass spectrometry identification data as well as a search and filters.

About us

ComplexomeMap was created by Michael Senkler with a lot of subject-specific guidance from Jennifer Senkler and Hans-Peter Braun.

The group of Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Braun investigates plant organelles with a special focus on respiratory chain protein complexes. Additionally, we analyze major aspects of plant proteomics including seed filling processes and plant pathogen interactions.
More information can be found here


We encourage you not to use this tool for any valuable/secret/unpublished data. You can protect your map with a password which should work fine. But the database is and always will be plain text (no encryption) and we cannot assure the safety of your files. However, we will strive to do our best..

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